Langur Eco Travels

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I was born and brought up in Trongsa, Central Bhutan, I first studied environmental issues regarding Cranes in the USA and has a life-long membership with the International Crane Foundation (ICF). Since studying in the UK for a photography degree, I have had six international photography exhibitions and runs seminars promoting a deeper understanding of Bhutan and its role in the 21st century.
Having worked within tourism since 1998, leading wildlife and bird watching groups through my native Bhutan, in 2007 I set up my own tour company, Langur Eco Travels, promoting Bhutan as a bio-diversity hot-spot and developing itineraries in unchartered areas.
The Golden Langur is my favourite Bhutanese mammal, whose habitat is only found in the more remote parts of South Central Bhutan, but one you could see if you join our wildlife and birding tours.

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