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Just your typical young-birder from San Diego, California. Started birding as soon as I got into the hobby and haven't looked back since. The past two years, I have been fortunate enough to travel out of California several times. In 2016, I attended Camp Colorado II, run by the ABA, and also travelled to Costa Rica (for a school immersion trip) and Los Cabos, Mexico. This past year, I attended the ABA's Camp Avocet in Delaware, as well as making a spring break trip to MN and WI. Most recently, I received a scholarship for the WFO conference in Pueblo, CO. Other than California, I love to bird in Colorado, which has since become one of my favorite states. Inside California, I don't travel much outside of San Diego County, but do on occasion, and as a result, I really like birding in Imperial, Riverside, and Ventura counties. I've only recently started expanding to other areas, but so far I've enjoyed it.

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