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Hello! My name is Brady and I am a 22 year old nature enthusiast from Swanton, MD. My passion for wildlife and the environment began at an early age as I spent a lot of time outdoors camping and hiking. In 2017, I knew that it was something that I wanted to pursue as a career.

I graduated from Garrett Community College in 2021 with an Associate Degree in Natural Resources & Wildlife Technology. In 2022, I started my journey towards my Bachelor's degree in Wildlife at Frostburg State University. I will graduate in Spring of 2024, and plan to pursue a profession in Herpetology.

As for my personal interests in Wildlife/Environment, I have always been specifically fascinated by Amphibians and Reptiles and also enjoy Birding when possible. I have a special place for moths, as I believe butterflies are overrated. When I'm not searching for wildlife, you can find me playing ultimate frisbee, skiing during the winter months, or spending time with my beautiful Wife Olivia.

My appetite for knowledge continues to grow for all fields of nature / wildlife research. I love learning, and look to expand my Naturalist skills as much as possible.

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