Nick Helme

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Biologist living in Cape Town, working as a botanical consultant throughout the Greater Cape Floristic Region (GCFR), and exploring as many nooks and crannies of the GCFR as possible, with a particular view to finding as many as possible of the 1800 or so threatened or very localised plant species in this region (have posted over 1300 of these spp). A surprising number of these are incredibly poorly known (<3 observations or collections, many of these from more than 60yrs ago), so all info gathered is valuable for conservation planning. Try to take at least a few weeks off every year and explore plant hotspots within the summer rainfall parts of southern Africa, and have a particular passion for exploring montane areas, anywhere. Over 6000 plant species posted on iNat, most of them from southern Africa, more than 1300 being rare and/or threatened species (see

Have been lucky enough to have been able to explore good chunks of South America (esp Patagonia and tropical Bolivia and Argentina), Nepal, NE India, Malawi, Cameroon (Dja forest, Mt Oku, NW), Sumatra (Gunung Leuser NP) and Madagascar (NE and SE), plus most of southern Africa. But only started taking digital pics in 2004, so most pics from those trips not on iNat. Really, really want to get to West Papua and surrounds, plus parts of Oz. Quite a keen birder when I'm not in the GCFR. Gutted by the already catastrophic impacts of climate change on the Greater CFR, notably in Namaqualand, where the effects are far, far worse than even the worst case predictions from only ten years ago...

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