Benjamin Grégoire

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I am a biologist currently involved in a large scale coastal habitat mapping project of the St-Lawrence Estuary, Gulf and Chaleur Bay. I mainly identify macroalgae and marine organisms from underwater videos we produce at depths of about 1-8 meters. I hope to find the time to share some of our images as underwater shots of macroalgae in their natural habitat are rather rare yet provide a different and interesting perspective of these poorly studied organims.

Please correct and comment my identifications freely. As my work with algae usually excludes manipulating samples, there is plenty of room for ID error. I am also new to the field and am mostly learning as I go, including confounding species I was not aware of when I first started identifying here.

I am counting of your knowledge to further my own!

I also happen to be an avid edible mushroom hunter so may get involved with those taxa as well on iNat.

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