Jakob Jilg Curador

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Studying "Biodiversity & Ecosystem Health" in Frankfurt am Main.

My main interest are beetles, especially central-european Curculionoidea, "weevils" (or "Rüsselkäfer" in German).
Check out my Instagram focused on Weevils: https://www.instagram.com/weevil.see/
Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jakob-Jilg/research

Please do not agree with identifications (even if done by an expert) unless you can personally prove that they are correct. Everyone can make mistakes, and there is no need to push an observation to research grade without proper verification. Be aware that many species have lookalikes which aren't represented on iNaturalist yet.
Usually i am careful, but i misidentify from time to time. Please do not agree with my identifications without doing your own research.

I would like to recommend the DJN, a network of young (~12-27) naturalists living in Germany and nearby:
You can take part in our activities (e.g. field trips) without being a member.
Check out our recommendations on field guides and identification keys (in German, focus on Central Europe): https://www.naturbeobachtung.de/naturkunde/bestimmungsliteratur-emfpehlungen

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