Alex Heyman

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I have a B. S. in conservation ecology from U. C. Davis, but I didn't really start learning about my local biodiversity on a species level until I discovered iNat in 2018. Since then, I've tried to spend as much of my free time as possible cataloguing the organisms around me that make my life so enriched. I have always felt a connection to the Earth, but never before have I had the opportunity to get so much joy recording what I see and sharing it with others. Thank you iNat team for the awesome tool!
My current interests are CA endemic plants, fungi, and intertidal bio. I love birds, herps, and all other animals as well but have yet to invest in a camera setup that can capture them well in life. It's good to have goals!
P.S. my profile picture is my late chiweenie, Easy, who I credit for making my life worth living in middle school and high school, and therefore with my still being around to see such awesome things today! Thanks Easy! Hope they have good chicken in heaven.

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