Josiah Kilburn

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I am a high schooler and I study ants and am currently working on surveying the myrmecofauna of Colorado. My project is off to a great start, I have surveyed Castlewood Canyon with well over 30 volunteers and collected approximately 30 species there, in addition to the near 27 species in Perry park, and around 20 in castle rock. Along with some other miscellaneous collections around the state I have encountered over half of the species of ants in Colorado already. Including approximately 3 undescribed species and a few new state records too!

I am an entomology photographer with a focus on ant behaviors. I am passionate about macro photography, and I have won a few awards on a local level, including a scholastic gold key, and a couple of other contests. With my photography, I won a student waiver to bugshot which I will be attending in September 2021 (was May, but keeps getting rescheduled). I have also applied to ant course and fingers crossed I’m hoping to get in.

I am the President of the Legend High School Entomology club (LHS Ento), we are always looking for more members to join, so if you're interested, please contact me. Or visit the LHS Ento page on my website. I am also a member of the Entomology Society of America, and a contributor to Antwiki.

Instagram: Armyofinsects

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