Andy Brower

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Mainly interested in Neotropical nymphalids, especially mimetic ones - and the things they can be confused with. I used to do research on Heliconius butterflies some years ago.

Just a note about subspecies: in Heliconius and many of the mimetic neotropical butterflies, there is valuable taxonomic and distributional information conveyed by subspecific names. For example, "Heliconius erato" is distributed from Mexico to northern Argentina, but Heliconius erato chestertonii only occurs in the upper Cauca valley in Colombia, while Heliconius erato cyrbia occurs only on the Pacific slope of Ecuador, south of the Choco. These subspecific distributions become visible in the map feature of iNaturalist only if the photos are identified to that level, which is why I try to put subspecies names on these taxa.

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