Amila P Sumanapala

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I'm a postgraduate student at University of Colombo, Sri Lanka and a researcher working on Sri Lankan biodiversity. My primary research interest is Odonata but I am also interested in a wide range of macrofauna with special interests in beetles, arachnids and birds. A member of the Odonata and bird expert panels in the national red listing assessment of Sri Lanka.

My work on Odonata is primarily on their taxonomy and biogeography. I've been studying Sri Lankan Odonata for close to a decade and have widely traveled around the country for research work. Apart from my personal research I also contribute to Odonata studies and conservation by popularizing them through publications, social media and conducting talks/workshops. I have authored a field guide on the Odonata of Sri Lanka which was published in 2017.

In addition to Odonata, I am also interested in other fauna and some floral groups and do photograph anything that interests me during my field work. My observations in iNat are mainly focused on insects and other arthropods of Sri Lanka and other countries I'm travelling to (mainly India). I also contribute to iNat by providing identification to a wide range of Sri Lankan observations, South Asian observations on Odonata and other taxa I'm familiar with.

You can find more about my work at:

If you are interested in using any of my photographs please feel free to contact me.

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