Alberto Camporesi

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I graduated in a MSc in Sciences and Management of nature at the University of Bologna (Italy). My interests involve Conservation Biology, Environmental education and Behavioural Ecology (Especially everything about Mammals and Nocturnal birds of prey). For my bachelor thesis, I worked on the conservation of Caretta caretta, the marine turtle of Adriatic sea. I worked for my MSc thesis on “Encounters of local people with wildlife: using questionnaires to collect data and raise awareness”. The aim of the study was to examine the encounters between medium-sized fauna (with a focus on mammals) and humans in the valley of Montone (FC, Italy) during a period of 10 months in the year 2016, by collecting data from citizens with online/paper questionnaires and interviews. I carried out the same study for selected natural parks in Argentine to assess which species were more elusive than others. The study was very useful to define wildlife encounters rates in countries with such environmental differences and most notably to raise awareness of local and visitors about endemic species. It was also possible to test the effectiveness of questionnaires for a small study area and for large study area making many comparisons.

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