Adam Schneider

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Wildflower nerd / picture-taker from Portland, Oregon. A huge proportion of my iNaturalist observations are still at the "Needs ID" stage because I mostly post weird, unique, or difficult-to-identify stuff here. (Sometimes I post more mundane flowers if they help to expand or fill in a range map or a calendar.)

All of my "public" photos — except for the last few months, because it takes forever to sort through them — are at

I recently created a Web site about places to see wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest:
And part of the site is a tool that lets you compare plant species (not just PacNW ones) using their Flora of North America descriptions:

(FYI, if you're looking for the Adam Schneider who's a Real Botanist and writes papers about broomrapes, his username on here is @acschneider.)

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