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I'm particularly fascinated by true flies (Diptera), but also interested in true bugs (Hemiptera), wasps (parts of Apocrita), and beetles (Coleoptera). I'm always looking to branch out further!

You may tag me in observations for assistance with identification, but please provide a reason and do not just randomly tag me.

If I don't already put it, and you are interested, please ask me for the reasoning for my identification, so that you only agree to things that you can also prove. (Also this just helps everyone learn more.)

Refer to the Field/Photo ID Guide for Flies that @edanko and I maintain to learn how to identify flies (with an emphasis on the Nearctic fauna). If you have suggestions, questions, or want to contribute to a resource, reach out to us!


Based in the Washington D.C. area.

Here's a list of my identifications by species that you can check out to see what groups I identify the most! (Note that this is of all time, not just recently.)

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