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I'm an ecologist with a keen interest in insects, urban environments, community science and science communication. I'm also passionate about nature photography, gardening, hiking and sailing.

I'm fascinated by insects because I believe that, whether as individuals or aggregated into super-organisms, they are interesting, valuable and aesthetically pleasing life forms. I'm particularly impressed by their functional and phylogenetic diversity, and by the diverse array of ecological interactions by which the are linked with other living beings.

I enjoy discovering and learning from nature through photography! I'm convinced that capturing aesthetically pleasing images of living beings is one of the best ways to bring art and science together. Since 2008, I've been posting photos to my flick photostream:

I'm a Lead - Research Scientists at Cesar Australia, where I'm working alongside a high-performance team of ecologists, entomologists, geneticists, mathematicians, and data modellers to lead research activities focusing on sustainable farming practices, invertebrate pest management, and biodiversity conservation in agroecosystems.

I'm also a researcher in the Urban Green Spaces Research Group at the University of Melbourne, where I'm looking at the ecological benefits of urban greening actions and the biodiversity contributions of citizen science projects.

I conducted my PhD research – Heteroptera ecology, biodiversity and conservation – at the University of Barcelona and I'm also an alum of the Santa Fe Institute.

I'm a member of the Entomological Society of Victoria.

Excited to be an active member of the iNaturalist community!

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