Travel Description: "This channel runs between outlying islands of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. Its varied terrain and shark-infested waters make it popular with divers. Its array of sunken wrecks also makes it a prime destination for treasure-hunting salvagers"
Notebook Description: “The Aegean sea is home to the Cyclades, a group of islands in Greek waters. Ciceros Strait lies between the remote Ailouros (or "Cat") Island and Ciceros Island to the east. The waters in the strait are shallower than the surrounding sea, causing strong currents and a large number of whirlpools known as the Ciceros Undines. Many ships have gone down in these mysterious waters in the past, giving rise among local sailors to legends of sirens."

Valka Castle

Dive Description: "Priceless medieval ornaments and works of art still adorn this sunken castle, just as its stone walls house many secrets and legends."
Notebook Description: "Prince Valka, a powerful Eastern European aristocrat of the Ottoman Dynasty, erected Valka Castle in the 16th century. Records say that this splendid and luxurious castle was built on a small island in the Aegean, but at some point during the 18th century, the castle sank into the sea overnight. The exact location of this mysterious castle was unknown until L&L Diving Service discovered it."