The following data were extracted from the global check-list of terrestrial isopods (Schmalfuss, 2009). These illustrate how much biogeographic information can be obtained from studies based on extensive global collecting and traditional taxonomic methods, even without detailed phylogeny or molecular analyses.
There are nine genera endemic to New Caledonia (Caledonillo, Emydodillo, Heroldia, Mesodillo, Nesoniscus, Ochetodillo, Oroscia, Pseudosphaerillo, Wahrbergia). Other genera present in New Caledonia show interesting distributions outside the country, as follows (numbers of species in brackets).

Australiodillo: Lord Howe I. (5), Queensland, New South Wales (1), New Caledonia (2). Track 5.

Merulana: Eastern Australia (Cape York to Victoria) (7), New Caledonia (2), Chatham Is. (2). Track 6.

Merulanella: Burma (1), Flores I. (Indonesia) (3), New Caledonia and Loyalty Is. (3). Track 21.

Nagurus sundaicus: China; Indonesia: Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi; Loyalty Is.; Hawaii. Tracks 21 and 23.

Neodillo: New Guinea (1), New Caledonia (1). Track 12.

Nesodillo: Sri Lanka (1), south-western India (1), north-eastern India, Burma, Taiwan, Ryukyu Is. (the single named species in these countries probably comprises several species), Borneo (1), Taiwan (1), Gilbert Is. (1), Burma (2), Flores (1), Aru Is. (1), New Guinea (2), New Caledonia and Loyalty Is. (8). Cf. track 21.

Orodillo: New Caledonia (1), Taiwan (1). Track 21.

Plymophiloscia: eastern Australia (Queensland; Melbourne) (3), Tasmania (4), New Caledonia (1). Track 6.

Pseudolaureola: St Helena I. (1), Madagascar (1), Western Australia (1), New Caledonia (1). Track 1.

Pyrgoniscus: Kenya (1), Tanzania (1), Madagascar (2), Lord Howe I. (2), New Caledonia (1). Track 1.

Schismadillo: New Guinea (2), Queensland (1), Victoria (1), New Caledonia (1). Track 6.

Scyphax: Victoria (1), New Zealand (1), New Caledonia (1). Track 5.

Spherillo pygmaeus: New Caledonia, Marquesas Is. (there are other central Pacific species of Spherillo). Track 22.

Xestodillo: Vanuatu and Loyalty Is. (1), New Caledonia and Loyalty Is. (1), New Caledonia (1). Track 15.