20 de junio de 2013

Late spring Neotropical migrants

June 17TH I went to TimberHill Rd along the Laguna de Santa Rosa to photograph birds. Well it was a bonanza neotrops abound. Hooded & Bullock's Oriole, , and Western Tananger eating fruit from plum trees. Multiple males, and pairs, feeding recently fledged young, as were Western Tanangers. All such physically attractive birds. Locals such as American Robin and White-breasted Nuthatch, and Western wood-Pewee's also very active. A great morning.

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01 de julio de 2012

Unknown Warbler.

Well today is June 30TH 2012 my wife and I went looking to refind the rare to our area Indigo Bunting. We refound it and got some ok pictures of it. There are actually 2 of them an adult male & female.

But the interesting part of the day besides being surprised by a herd of 7 wild pigs, is an as of yet unidentified Warbler. I have posted a so so picture of it here on iNat. I am probably going to post the pic on my local birding listserve to see if anyone can tell what it is.

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