martes, 25 de febrero de 2020

February 22, 2020 Leonard Preserve in Manchester Michigan

It was finally sunny after a very dreary fall/winter. I headed out to Leonard Preserve in Manchester. I visit the Washtenaw County Preserves regularly and I tend to go to this one more because it is so expansive and I can spend a good part of a day walking. It is undergoing a gradual restoration process, so it is easy on my invasive plant radar. There is a single plant that is more abundant (prolific?) there than any other place I visit: Shrubby St. John's-Wort, Hypericum prolificum.

It can be a muddy place to visit, so I usually wear boots. There is a large prairie near the cemetery that is coming into its own with plenty of liatris, stiff goldenrod and prairie grasses. They have mowed another section and are starting a grasslands restoration there. I will visit there again later.

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