03 de mayo de 2021

Useful Links for Searching Japanese Arthropods (especially spiders and insects)

The number of Japanese iNat users is still small, and sometimes taxa that are obviously not distributed in Japan have been suggested. So, for non-Japanese speakers, I will provide links to websites that are useful when searching Japanese arthropods.

Some of these websites are created by experts, while others are created by people who photograph insects as a hobby. Since there is a huge difference in reliability, we need to find out that reliability is high enough or not. There are many sites with high Google search rankings that are unreliable because their purpose is to generate advertising revenue and their content is thin. I avoided to select these low quality sites. In general, the broader the taxonomic group covered, the more likely there will be mistakes.

Please note that the names of the websites are my translations and not the official ones. If you know of any other useful websites, please let me know!

Last but not least, please visit my website! It covers a wide range of whole animals (but few species).

小さな隣人たちの世界 [Small Neighbors' World]

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