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30 de septiembre de 2021

New: Governors Island Wildlife (Collection) Project

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished working on creating an automatic Collections project for Governors Island. It's finally in place and I'm comfortable with the results. A Collection project is basically an automated observations search that results in a nicely laid out project page.

The automated project can be found here. Feel free to join:

The original Traditional project (created in Aug/2017) where observations are manually added will continue to exist and I will maintain the project along with the Collection project. A Traditional project has several benefits:

• In a Traditional project if the accuracy circle falls outside the location this observation can exist within the project. In a Collection project these are ignored.

If you look at the location I've created for Governors Island it's borders are well outside the boundaries of the island to accomodate observations that are seen on the water and where accuracy circles extend off the island.

• Also, endangered species type groupings are allowed in Traditional projects but are ignored in a Collection projects. The location is still obscured but the observation can still be added directly to the project.

• In a Traditional project there are times when a person places an observation in the project but the marker lies completely outside the location boundaries. This is the case when an person knows the observation belongs in the project but somehow the marker is placed (automatically or accidentally) outside the location. These are ignored in a Collection project and would be missed if there wasn't an equivalent Traditional project to catch these errors.

Currently there are 13 observations that fall into the last two categories. Here's a link showing these observations. I've commented on each observation to suggest how the observer can remedy this situation:

• Shortened URL:

• Full URL:

Looking forward to future sightings from the island.

All the best.


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