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27 de septiembre de 2021

Rearing Limacodidae caterpillars that you find on the ground

Just a note to those that find limacodid caterpillars on the ground and may be concerned about finding the right plants to feed them.

Finding a caterpillar like this often means that it is a fully grown instar looking for a place to make a cocoon (pupation takes place later inside the cocoon). In other words - easier to raise it to adult!!!!

This observation is a classic example of what we are seeing a lot of lately on iNaturalist.

If you see one like this put it in a container with some dry leaves and gravel. I also recommend a few fresh leaves as well if there is a tree in the near vicinity that looks like the caterpillar make have been blown off. The tree should have smooth (not hairy) and tough leaves.

This hedges our bets because it can possibly provide food if it is a lost caterpillar looking for plants, or you can provide a site for it to build a cocoon in the bottom of the container.

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