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18 de diciembre de 2012

Fish Life List, part 2

So I've completed a first pass of trying to get a photo of every species of reef fish I've seen into iNat. I've entered 773, and discovered that there are 147 species I've recorded, but can't find a picture of. There are a few dive trips I've taken where I haven't labelled my pictures very well, so I expect I can find a few more of these as I scan through my archives.

I discovered about a dozen species in pictures that weren't on my master list. So much for my record keeping. Of course, much of my labeling and recording is done during the hour-long surface interval between dives, so after a particularly productive dive, I'm not finished before it's time to dive again.

So I'll slow down on the data entry, until my next dive trip. With winter here in New England, there won't be too many birding outings either for a while.

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