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17 de marzo de 2016

March 17, 2016

Today was a very exciting birding experience. We got to Oakledge Park around 7:45 AM, and our TA Sean lead us through the park. It was a clear, sunny morning around 46 degrees F, with little wind and calm waters. We started off by hearing a Song Sparrow call from the parking lot, which Sean mentioned was the first he has heard this season. We heard a few more while there, and there was way more calling from different species of birds in general than I have heard yet this season, which was also exciting. A lot of Common Grackles were flying overhead in flocks, which have only been back for about a week and a half.

The most exciting part of our time was seeing the Great Horned Owl. It flew in while we were looking at gulls. It caused a lot of activity from other birds, especially a flock of American Crows that followed it into the tree. I thought it was fascinating to see an owl out of its normal nocturnal habitat, and the crows so fearlessly mobbing it. A few gulls flew by too, and other songbirds were calling when we walked closer to where we assumed the owl was. Through a spotting scope I could clearly see it's yellow eyes and distinctive facial feathers. Even without a scope or binoculars, the sheer size of the bird was obvious and very impressive. An awesome start to the day!

It was also nice to see the three Common Mergansers swimming in the lake. Using the spotting scope again, it was cool to see the females' brown coloring and "fuzzy" head plumage, and the male's sleek, iridescent green head and black and white body. What a beautiful species.

I'm really looking forward to learning and seeing more species as they return to Burlington for spring.

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