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24 de abril de 2012

Summer Natural History Courses at Merritt College

Almost every semester Merritt College of Oakland, California offers a couple of very informative natural history courses. These courses are mainly conducted in the field and give the student a very "hands-on" approach to learning. To anyone in the area that enjoys natural history of the Bay Area and would like to obtain some easy credits I highly recommend signing up for these courses. This Summer semester's line up includes:

Natural History of Mount Diablo: BIOL 60B

Class code: 31037

"An introduction to the natural history of Mt. Diablo: ecology, plants & animals, with special emphasis on plant communities and endemic wildlife."

Dates: 7/7 & 7/8 from 9AM - 6PM

Location: First meeting for lecture on July 7th at 9 AM : 860 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA, Conference room. Then field trips to Mt. Diablo State Park.

Instructor: Dr. Hank Fabian

Natural History: Herpetology of the Bay Area BIOL 60C

Class Code: 31036

"An introduction to the natural history of the reptiles and amphibians of the Bay Area. Open to all who are interested."

Dates: Lecture 6/23 at 9:00AM. Field Dates: 6/23 & 6/24; 7/1 & 7/2

Location:Rendezvous and lecture: 860 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA in the conference room. Field trips: (9AM - 6PM) TBA at lecture.

Instructor: Dr. Robert Macey & Dr. Hank Fabian

Natural History of the California State Parks: BIOL 60A

Class code: 31038

"An introduction to Bay Area ecosystems."

Dates: 7/14 & 7/15; 7/21 & 7/22

Lecture: 7/14/12 at 9AM
Field Trips: 7/14,7/15,7/21,7/22 (From 9AM - 6PM)

Location: Rendezvous at 860 Atlantic Avenue, Alameda, CA in the conference room. Field locations TBA at lecture.

Again, these classes are really cool and very informative. The fellow naturalists that sign up for these classes professional and amateur alike offer such a wonderful learning environment that it is an opportunity not to be missed.

To sign up for these classes please complete the application found at

Click on "apply" and then "apply for admisisons."

Once you have submitted the application the next step would be to wait for the May 4th open enrollment, sign into your student account, and add the classes.

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