Latest Petrophila Moth Research Published

I’m happy to report that my latest research on Petrophila moths has just been published in the Journal of Lepidopterists’ Society: “Identification and Distribution of the Petrophila fulicalis species group (Crambidae): Taking Advantage of Citizen Science Data”, J. Lep. Soc. 75(2):113-127 (June 2021).

This is the latest effort coming out of my interest in this genus and previously highlighted in these journal articles: (Sept 2020) (Aug 2020) (Aug 2019) (Aug 2019)

iNaturalist plays a prominent role in my published article and several iNaturalists contributed important photos for it. Below, I’m going to tag a lot of the people I need to thank for helping bring this article to fruition.

A downloadable pdf of the above article is available from my page on (Chuck Sexton) and can also be accessed from this DropBox folder, along with full-sized versions of the figures and maps:
(I hope I set up this DropBox link correctly. Let me know if you can't access it.)

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It's a work of art!

Anotado por pfau_tarleton hace casi 3 años

Keep up the great work. Nice to recognize all the citizen scientists that add to baseline science.

Anotado por stuartmarcus hace casi 3 años

Oh, wow! This is a really great and useful paper, Chuck! Thanks so much for sharing this and for all your persistence and hard work on this group.

Anotado por beschwar hace casi 3 años

Woohoo!!!! Thank you!!! Great work!

Anotado por bug_girl hace casi 3 años

Well done. A good treatment of the genus and the use of citizen science in studies. Congrats!!

Anotado por krancmm hace casi 3 años

I'm printing it out to put in on my fridge. Spectacular! :)

Anotado por sambiology hace casi 3 años

Great work, Chuck. Thanks for making the article available.

Anotado por treichard hace casi 3 años

Congratulations to the publication! Great work, Chuck!

Anotado por annikaml hace casi 3 años

I got my copy of the Lepidopterist on my desk and saw your article first off. I play to spend some time with it this week.

Anotado por cmeckerman hace casi 3 años

@juancruzado, En mi artículo, menciono su observación de Petrophila fulicalis en las cercanías de Ciudad Acuña que constituye un nuevo registro para México.

Anotado por gcwarbler hace casi 3 años

Excellent, congrats, have downloaded my copy and will read. Thanks for sharing, take care.

Anotado por aguilita hace casi 3 años


Anotado por connlindajo hace casi 3 años

Fantastic work, Chuck!

Anotado por lovebirder hace casi 3 años


Anotado por susan_moore hace casi 3 años

Congratulations Chuck! I'll be out of town mothing in AZ followed by family visit in WI so I won't be able to digest the new stuff for MPG for some weeks but if you see anything we need to correct, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll do my best to update. Excellent work!

Anotado por steve_nanz hace casi 3 años

Thank you very much Chuck; I think this makes it very important to continue making citizen science observations south of the border; In Mexico, much work is still needed to understand and document biodiversity

Anotado por juancruzado hace casi 3 años

Great Work!!!!

Anotado por taroman hace mas de 2 años

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