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Getting around and about a bit more. Went to two state parks in Texas earlier this month. I also been to some new areas in Oklahoma this past weekend. It is quite funny that this year my spring was looking a bit more shoddy in terms of observations and numbers. It was not a very solid spring since school was being a bit more tense than usual since the Covid-19 pandemic. However summer so far has been singing a different tune. This year I have been out a lot but the days I observe have had bigger numbers in some cases. I have have a few less observations days but it is starting to ramp up once more. I do fluctuate as each year goes on but this year and last year have shown to be the ones that show the most interesting trends.

So far I have been trying to plan for our Georgia and Florida trip and I think that we maybe hitting more of the wildlife areas than we had originally planned. I am going to be so happy when we go. I don't know by we maybe going after my birthday which will be fine by me. I have a few things on my list and one of those things is a birding scope. I may have posted that before but so much has gone on I can't remember. I am glad I didn't recycle my old phone. I still have it even though the internet does not work and it doesn't have much to it. However that is perfect just in case I do wind up getting the scope. The one I am looking at has a phone holder and will essentially act as a third camera. Alas my lament grows more and more; my Nikon Coolpix L830 will unfortunately not be able to repaired by Nikon. It was going to be around 170$ or so to repair it but they didn't have the parts. So I am down a camera but I will see what my birthday week holds for me.

I am looking into some of the museums one of which is the Florida Museum of Natural History. That was a place recommended to me by a friend. I love what I am seeing with their nature trails, special exhibits and even their butterfly house and insects exhibits. Georgia Aquarium is also on the list and the Okefenokie Swamp. I have a few other places like some State parks. Don't know how many we will get to but we will also be looking around to go going to one of the beaches around Pensacola. I am so pumped. I mean I am still trying to think of all the gear I want to bring along with me. I will not pack that much but I am planning on looking at some more shells and look at some of the seaweed. I watched at Texas Parks and Wildlife episode on coastal birding and I found out that our seaweed has nudibranchs on it which are native which the birds eat. So I will be looking for some of them. This trip will be most interesting.

I am also doing three weeks of Summer kids camps. So I am very, very, very busy with getting things together. I am looking forward to all the fun stuff this summer. It has taken me a while to get some more volunteer stuff ramped up but that is the way it is for me right now. I am also going to be doing my part in the Odolympics I have read about on Odonata central. Beat you to it @sambiology I read about that before I saw your presentation. By the way great stuff. Learned a few new things. That part on wing structure was one of the coolest bits on the video.

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You're doing great Zach! Looking at your stats from this year so far:

And of these, there are 866 unique taxa (626 ID'ed to the species level)!

Your map's looking quite nice too -- lots of movement! :)

Way to go! Be sure to get lots and lots of dragonfly observations for the odolympics (! :)

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