My Olivedale Garden


The most interesting thing I saw in the garden this past week was a Bagworm Moth. Instead of making a shelter from tiny sticks, this one appeared to use two pieces of dead leaf; one above and one below its body. In order to move it would extend its body out of the enclosure and then pull the enclosure back over itself. Then this was repeated, etc. Very interesting to watch.

This morning I took a walk through Norscot Koppies Reserve. The paths had just been cut making them passable. Many years ago this was a granite quarry that fell into disuse and was donated to the Johannesburg municipality for the use of the people. Information (and the history) can be found on their website, It's a quiet spot surrounded by townhouse complexes in the heart of suburbia but worth a two hour walk.

Litter can be a bit of a problem and I forgot to take a bag with me to clean up as I walked. Most annoying, though, was the amount of bush cutter cord left on the paths by the guys who did the cutting. Every 50m, or so, a 0.5m length would be seen on the path with its bright artificial colour. Unnecessary.

Of interest was this insect, a Cotton Stainer Bug (Genus Dysdercus), identified for me on iNat.

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