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7 February 2022

What a storm we had in Johannesburg! So far I have measured 164 mm of rain for February but that fell over two days. The garden is waterlogged and there was flooding and damage done in and around Johannesburg. But for the time being the sun is out again.

It's been quite a busy week in the garden with the following loaded onto iNat.

Unknown caterpillars found on the house wall; they later dispersed.

Insect eggs on a leaf of a Mountain Karree. I'm watching these to see what develops.

A Chaleidoid wasp.

A Carbula stink bug.

An unknown moth rescued from the swimming pool.

A small butterfly that I think might be a Geranium-Bronze (Cacyreus Marshall).

A very small jumping spider high up on a wall.

A small caterpillar found on a leaf of a lemon tree. This might be a swallowtail. I've brought it in for rearing.

A slug.

An ant fly (Microdontinae).

A first for me, and especially interesting, was finding an ant mimicking nymph of a katydid. It looked just like an ant but with very long antennae and white under it's abdomen.

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The ant-mimicking katydid nymph is remarkable.

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