Ovipositing insects project

I should have done this ages ago :)

Oviposition observations are quite valuable as they combine the adult (often identifiable) with the habitat where early stages develop. I could not find a project for keeping tab us these so I made one. Please add relevant observations to this project if you notice such breeding behaviour in images.


(alternatively https://inaturalist.laji.fi/projects/ovipositing-insects for us finns)

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Good idea!

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Great! Note that you can use e.g. the "Host plant" observation field to record the plant the insect is laying eggs on (species, or any other taxon.)

You can also search with the "Oviposition" observation field to find observations tagged with it: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&field:oviposition=yes

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@mikkohei13: there's a more generic "Host" observation field (included in the project): not all hosts are plants :)

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