Charlie Coslor, PhD

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I am the Entomology Coordinator for WSU Skagit County Extension. My duties include operating the Horticultural Pest Control Board:
iNaturalist project:

I can be found wandering the Valley catching agricultural pests and foraging on wild berries. I make way too many projects on iNaturalist.

Please DO NOT take any of my mushroom identifications as a good authority. Fungi are of interest to me but not my area of expertise. I am an entomologist, not a mycologist. I will occasionally identify them, but general I identify them only order, maybe family or genus if I am confident. There are countless stories of people eating poisonous lookalikes. I do not want to contribute to another one.

My observations are obscured to protect the privacy of myself and others. I will make some open, on a case-by-case basis (such as if the observations are on public property or in the right-of-way). Requests to share exact coordinates will be considered, just message me.

Check out these heat maps!
My observations:
My identifications:

Here are my humble contributions to scientific journals, for those interested:

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