20 de mayo de 2024


How to ID Anemones in
Texas, OK, and southern NM
Compiled by R. S. Pfau

Be sure to get pics of at least three features: (1) the stem-like stalk (including bracts) showing the region above and below the bract (to see if stalk below bract is pubescent or smooth), (2) the basal leaves (to see the pattern of division), (3) the flower. In western half of TX, also note if bracts are two-tiered, with two or more flowers growing from a single scape.

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02 de mayo de 2024

Sessil (Wild Oat) vs Appalachia Bellwort

Look closely at the stem of Uvularia puberula you will notice fine hairs that are not present in U. sessilifolia. Secondly, if you look at the interior of the petals of U. sessifolia you will notice distinct bumps. A third, non-diagnositic characteristic has to do with how much the leaves tend to unfurl before flowering. U. puberula tend to flower when the leaves look just like those seen here (still folded), whereas the leaves of U. sessiofolia are more open. ....@dsmorris


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