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Junio 13, 2021 a las 08:27 PM UTC


Growing in a maintained lawn together with Panaeolus foenisecii. Frairly fragile light brown-redishbrown stipe. The light brown-greyish cap shape was mostly convex and a little more bell shaped and darker in younger specimen.

The specimens were a little dry since there was sun about. They grew mostly in partial shade.

Update 15-6-2021: Just took a look at the spores which seem ornamented. I guess this confirms Panaeolus olivaceus.

Update: Alan Rockefeller did DNA sequencing on these and found they match other Panaeolus olivaceus sequences in genbank.

Panaeolus - Photo (c) Julio Alejandro Alvarez Ruiz, todos los derechos reservados, subido por Julio Alejandro Alvarez Ruiz
de myceliummike: Género Panaeolus, un miembro de Setas (Familia Galeropsidaceae)
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