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Julio 2023


Synonym = Trichomanes caudatum

A second record for mainland New Zealand and a first for the Auckland region, previously known only from Kerikeri. Epiphyte on riparian Dicksonia squarrosa with Hymenodon pilifer, Tmesipteris tannensis, Lepraria ulrikii and other bryophytes. Under Kunzea robusta, Pseudopanax arboreus surrounded by sparse Geniostoma ligustrifolium var. ligustrifolium seedlings and occasional patch of Diploblechnum fraseri on ground. Only one tree fern with this filmy fern and only one other Dicksonia squarrosa seen. Abundant on the one tree, up to 2m high. With campanulate sori and long bristles.

Same population as:

Thanks to @oaag1993 and @danielle522 for bringing this fern to my attention!