3,000,000 Observers!

This week, we achieved a significant milestone on iNaturalist: passing 3 million observers!

A crucial 5%

While it might not appear so at first glance, the observer community on iNaturalist actually represents a small percentage of the total audience. For instance, this March, approximately 4.5 million people visited the iNaturalist website or used the iNaturalist or Seek mobile apps. Out of these, 600k (13%) had iNaturalist accounts, and only 245k people (~5%) posted observations.

Mapping observers

The maps show the location of first observations for a sample of about 15% of all observers around the globe. About 60% of all observers are in North America. In contrast, South America has about 6% of all observers.

Europe has the second largest number of observers followed by Asia. Africa has the least number of observers of any continent except Antarctica with most observers in the southern part of the continent.

Outsized Oceania

With an area of around 8.5M square kilometers, Oceania is the smallest continent. But it has an outsized number of observers thanks to the active observer communities in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you!

If you're one of these 3 million observers, thank you for helping us reach this milestone! And if you'd like to join the even smaller, crucial group of iNaturalist supporters (0.05%), you can become one by clicking the link below!

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Publicado el 03 de abril de 2024 a las 06:40 AM por loarie loarie


Well, it looks like I'll be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS to this outstanding achievement! iNaturalist has been a significant part of my life for 3 years, and I will continue to do my part by adding observations, learning from others, and maybe help educate a few along the way. I am thrilled to be part of the 3,000,000!

Anotado por cin579 hace 16 días

Congratulations iNaturalist.
There is a project collating African country contributions: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/biodiversity-of-africa
So half (58%) of all African contributors are from South Africa, and 63% from southern Africa.
We need an Africa outreach programme!
However, we need to remember that tourists contribute a substantial proportion to the observations in some regions. I imagine that North America and Europe will contain a far higher proportion of observers if ecotourists were excluded. Elephants remain the number 1 observed species for Africa (with 13k observations), despite it being low on the priority list for locals.

Anotado por tonyrebelo hace 16 días

Congratulations, iNataurlist, to the community and all the users! I'm very excited for this mileston :D

Anotado por yelena_antipova hace 16 días

Congratulations, iNataurlist, to the community and all the users!

Anotado por mstroftec hace 16 días

How amazing!! Congratulations to iNat, and I think we all oughtta give ourselves a pat on the back too!!!

Anotado por jamie_a hace 16 días

Congratulations to iNat and to observers from France !

Anotado por bruno_cataldo hace 16 días

Cool to see where Iceland stands in observation density.
But it is on the wrong map! :)
Would be curious to know which country has the most observers/observations per capita.

Anotado por sbushes hace 16 días

Wow! 1 in 2700 people have uploaded an observation. An amazing milestone.

Anotado por yayemaster hace 16 días

Congratulations iNat for striking the record of 3mil observers! And thanks for guiding me into an extraordinary living world beyond I 'normally' lived.

Anotado por drnamgyal04 hace 16 días

This is great to see! Well done everyone, especially the iNat staff, sine qua non!

And everyone please think about becoming a supporter, especially a monthly supporter -- every little bit helps.

Anotado por susanhewitt hace 16 días

It is so wonderful to see iNaturalist growing so well. It's been an important part of my life for five years now and making identifications for others is one way I try to give back.

Anotado por lynnharper hace 16 días

The most worthwhile thing on the internet! Thanks for keeping her up and running, iNat.

Anotado por sandiegomike hace 16 días

Felicidades a todos los participantes!!!
Nos toca seguir trabajando para que la comunidad crezca en sitios com menos oportunidades, construir una comunidad y mantenerla no es tarea facil, y se requiere de una labor continua, gracias a todos los que dia a dia hace esta red posible!
Abrazo a todos!

Anotado por aztekium hace 16 días


What fantastic and interesting maps!

Anotado por codyhough hace 16 días

Congrats...and I second @susanhewitt's invite to everyone to become a monthly supporter at any level. iNat and the hard-working staff deserve our everlasting Thanks and continued support.

Anotado por gcwarbler hace 16 días

Forever grateful for this incredible platform! Congrats iNaturalist!

Anotado por eric_416_416 hace 16 días

Felicitaciones a todo Inaturalist; realmente es un gran logro.
Es muy gratificante haber aportado a estos 3.000.000.
Seguiremos contribuyendo humildemente para seguir creciendo.
Entiendo que lo que nos une en esta comunidad es la pasión por conocer,difundir y esencialmente bregar por la conservación de toda la vida que cobija esta casa que llamamos Planeta Tierra.
A seguir trabajando. Gracias a todos.

Anotado por bilbaomdq hace 15 días

This is amazing! An incredible achievement for inat!

Anotado por nature-tracker hace 15 días

Congrats to the whole iNat team, yet another grand achievement!

Anotado por zabbey hace 15 días

You said it! 😁

Anotado por nature-tracker hace 15 días

What a great achievement!
I congratulate and thank the Inat team for supporting this large number of members.
Inat, building a great nation occupied with the interrelation with its natural environment.

Anotado por orlandomontes hace 15 días

@sbushes As you point out, based on the above map, Iceland is now officially part of North America. I'll notify the E.U. and United Nations later today. ;-)

Anotado por gcwarbler hace 15 días

What would be interesting is the number of observers active in the past year/this year.

Anotado por robertarcher397 hace 15 días

@robertarcher397 you can see it on the statistics' page and year in review, though for the whole world together.

Anotado por marina_gorbunova hace 15 días

Amazing achievement! Congrats and thank you for beingan important part of my life. One question for clarification.. observers can be counted for different continent, right? So when I have observed in Europe, South America and Africa, I will be a datapoint for each of those continents, right?

Anotado por ajott hace 14 días

@ajott not here, they took only 1st observations.

Anotado por marina_gorbunova hace 14 días

Ah yes, forgot that I read that.. thanks for clarification. So I am not a South American dot then 😉

Anotado por ajott hace 14 días

Fico feliz pelo site e muito empolgado de tentar cada vez mais conseguir contribuir com a ciência cidadã e trazer mais adeptos brasileiros.

Anotado por diogoluiz hace 14 días

What a Stunning number

Anotado por ck2az hace 13 días

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