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My name is Robby, and I am a 15 year old amateur naturalist who is learning about the world around us. I am interested in rare plants, especially ones that have very few populations surviving in New York State. I also have a serious hobby of finding birds, and increasing my Inaturalist lifelist. Back to the plants though. I am very interested about the rare plants of my island(Long Island), and discovering new populations of them. I frequently go around the island, and when I go there, I document the plants and sometimes birds I see. On Long Island, I have seen almost 1,000 plant species. My favorite families of plants are Polygalaceae, Droseraceae, Sarraceniaceae, Xyridaceae, Lentibuliraceae, Eriocaulaceae, Cyperaceae, and Orchidaceae. I am not an expert in anything, so not all my ID's are correct. My favorite bird families are ones in Madagascar(my dream vacation), Paradisaeidae, and now I am starting to learn my Parulidae, and eventually birds of North America.. If you are ever stuck in any ID's, you can @yayemaster and I will go through the observations. Just not inverts(except Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera which I am learning) fungi(excluding lichens), or non-avian vertebrates(only uncommon and rare ones.). My goal is to see at least 5,000 bird species and discover more plants in our world.

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