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Hello fellow nature lovers.
I am an endangered born and raised native of Incline Village, NV.

I love exploring with a leave no trace approach and I still have a lot to learn about my own back yard.

I am probably going to keep most of my hiking observations private (but willing to share in the connection settings) because I am conflicted about sharing wildlife on here. Lake Tahoe has been exploited, marketed to the masses and I hesitate on sharing more "Lake Tahoe". I am still considering the ethics, benefits, and costs of websites like this where people post and share geotagged wildlife online. So, before you go complaining to me about geoprivate posts, all my observations will be in the greater Tahoe Region for now.

Note about Lake Tahoe:
If you think you love the greater Lake Tahoe region now, it's ugly compared to the 80's-90's! We were freer to go and do anything. Everything was cleaner, quieter, less developed and more vibrant. Population growth (and wealth) is exponentially rising in the area destroying the very things people seek; nature, quiet, dark skies, clear clean lakes, pristine habitats, small friendly communities, safety, low taxes, less regulations, equality, respect, less laws and a beautiful outdoor playground. I'm also fairly certain through another subjective observation of windshield washing that the insect populations have noticeably declined. (references in my journal post)
The greater Lake Tahoe region is a resource that continues to be exploited (and websites like this, while there are benefits, help the exploitation). Because of this population growth and people abusing their freedoms, the area has significantly degraded. We require more laws, more taxes, higher prices, more regulations, and less personal freedoms to protect what's left and slow the rate of environmental and social loss. People end up destroying the very things they (consciously and subconsciously) seek in life. I experience growing gentrification, wealth inequality and exploitation around me. This is why I am deeply weighing the pros, cons, and ethics of geotagged:time-stamped wildlife sharing on this website. More about this in my journal post.

I work at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center.
Feel free to send me a message or meet up for a "naturalist" walk.

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