Join the Vermont Butterfly Big Year!

With the help of an army of citizen scientists, the Vermont Butterfly Big Year aims to record every species of butterfly in Vermont this year. It’s a blend of science, education, competition, enjoyment, and a quest to monitor the changing nature of the state. Learn more and join us in the quest! We've already found 14 species this spring, but there are over 100 species to find across the state this summer.

Publicado el domingo, 08 de mayo de 2016 a las 09:59 PM por kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


I'll get as many as I can. Thought it will be iNaturalist only for me. Any thoughts of creating a sub project on here? If not I guess I can just use the new search options to see how many I find.

Anotado por charlie hace casi 8 años

I think we'd all do a lot better on this if you could turn up the temperature some.

Anotado por susanelliott hace casi 8 años

yeah why couldn't the cold happen when it was supposed to?? I just lit a fire of all things. May.

Anotado por charlie hace casi 8 años

Sorry Charlie, we are looking for complete checklists in eButterfly.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace casi 8 años

not that it wouldn't be a fun thing to take up along with iNat... but with a two month old baby i think I'll stick to the projects I already have for this year :)

Anotado por charlie hace casi 8 años

I for sure Charlie. And believe me, for those that are not die hard butterfliers making complete checklists, adding records to iNat is absolutely great. WIthin the year, we hope to have a tool that will pull iNat butterfly data into eButterfly too. But it is a bit complicated......

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace casi 8 años

Of course I've filled out my fair share of inclusive checklists, but for plants :) and i basically try to do that here too. but the site has allowed me to learn so much more about other organisms. Like butterflies. Maybe i can find some leads on places other people can do E-Butterfly in more detail.

Anotado por charlie hace casi 8 años

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