Upcoming Bioblitzes in June and July 2023

Hello Everyone!

Thank you again to those who came out to our very successful conference with 50 people in attendance to discuss local flora, conservation, and citizen science.

While working with Sarasota County to help monitor new parks in the Caspersen Beach area we were treated with some lovel Scrub Jays, Aphelocoma coerulescens, that followed up around! These birds only live in scrub habitat that burns regularly and help spread seeds and control insects of numerous native species of plants. Chapman's Oak, Quercus chapmanii, is a common favorite with this one also having a wasp gall upon the leaves with the jay eating both acorns and galls!

Coming up we have several bioblitzes with one being the Pine Island Paddle this Thursday at 9am through Manatee County and then the Carlton Preserve Bioblitz on July 12th also 9am to noon. Please sign up through the respective links and as always dress for the outdoors in our beautiful and warm habitats.

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Don't forget the July 12th bioblitz is coming up this Wednesday!

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