July EcoQuest Flora Under Foot

Sarasota-Manatee EcoFlora's July EcoQuest challenge is Flora UnderFoot, looking into the small plants popping up between pavement cracks and in lawns. These plants are the survivors. They must adapt to harsh environmental conditions such as heat, drought, lack of nutrients, and especially trampling and mowing! Their ability to branch at or near ground level and flower in these conditions has resulted in a select group of plants. This flora beneath our feet brings wild nature into unexpected places, provides sustenance to pollinator species, and creates microhabitats of diversity in what could otherwise be deserts of concrete or monocultures of grass.

This month we challenge you to discover the plants growing in the sidewalks, lawns, and driveways of our communities and be surprised at the fascinating plant diversity often forgotten beneath our feet. As with all our EcoQuests these last until the end of the month! For small groundcovers get up close, take pictures of leaves, stems, flowers, and most importantly the habit for this quest, where and how are these groundcovers surviving? Should your post not be showing up on our project page please tag it with #FloraUnderFoot

Follow this link to our EcoQuest Page to join this month long project, Flora Under Foot!

As always thanks for helping document and observe our local Flora with the EcoFlora Project at Selby Gardens!

Sean Patton

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