Let It Snow

The last seven days were very slow for the project, probably due to the weather we've been getting. The Blue Mountain basins have been snowed out from the rest of the world, so we'll see you when spring comes. Only 10 observations were posted in the last week, though I have some crappy photos that still need uploading.

Just because there was little submission, doesn't mean photos were bad quality. Let's congratulate @ferrisjabr on a photo of a flying adult plumage Bald Eagle, in Bend, Oregon. The national bird and for a very good reason. This photo is what I'd call the put-it-on-a-postal-stamp photo. These 7 foot wingspan raptors are definitely a treat to see.


We are ticking down to the last two weeks of the project. With snow occurring through much of the project's perimeters, we should be keeping an eye out for Snowy Owls and Gyrfalcons. I went out to a place I suspect will be the future location of a Snowy Owl sighting in northeastern Oregon yesterday with no luck but just give it time. As for you, I wish you the best of luck.

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