Halfway done!

We're now halfway through the 2023 City Nature Challenge. The weather hasn't been great and it shows in our numbers, unfortunately. We're far below our goal of 1k participants, and NYC, DC, and Boston are ahead of us in most, if not all, categories. Today looks like a bust weather-wise too, but we have some sunny weather forecast for the final day tomorrow, thankfully.

We still have a lot of fairly easy-to-find species on our needs list. You can see the full list at http://targets.cncphilly.org, but here's a snapshot of our top 50 needed species.

You can visit the site throughout the day today and tomorrow to see what we still need. It updates every 30 minutes and you can also filter by your area of interest.

How have everyone else's two days been so far? I'd love to hear about your experiences, any unexpected things you've found, what you're looking forward to, etc. I've found zero insects on the wing so far this CNC. Disappointing, but not unexpected. But I'm hoping to rectify that tomorrow. Happy iNatting, everyone! And let's go, Philly!

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Got nashville, northern waterthrush, yellow-billed cuckoo this morning!!

Anotado por go2nature hace 7 meses

@go2nature Yay! Excellent!

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace 7 meses

I spent the day in Burlington Co. yesterday, took over 800 photos, none posted yet, still processing... Looking forward to less rain tomorrow (I'll be in Bucks Co.).

Anotado por srall hace 7 meses

@srall Excellent! I'm looking forward to less rain (preferably none) tomorrow too.

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace 7 meses

How is it going?

Anotado por christopherduffy hace 4 meses

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