It's on!

Let's go, Philly! We have some not-ideal weather over the next few days, but it takes more than bad weather to stop Philly, doesn't it? The insects might not be as plentiful, but the plants are still there and we have good opportunities for some fungi. Let's see what we can find today, shall we? Good luck and happy iNatting!

Publicado el viernes, 28 de abril de 2023 a las 11:28 AM por navin_sasikumar navin_sasikumar


Woo let's go! I'm going to focus on lichens while it's windy -- they don't move :)

Anotado por k_a_christopher hace 7 meses

Posted this in another location but .... no Chester County? Uploaded a bunch of observations from Chester County and they won't populate into the project.

Anotado por blackhound hace 7 meses

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in City Nature Challenge Philly! Unfortunately Chester County is not in the CNC Philly challenge area. The CNC Philly challenge geography is Philadelphia County and all the counties that abut it: Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks in PA, and Camden, Gloucester and Burlington in NJ ( ). Hopefully you can sneak over the county line into Delaware or Montgomery counties this weekend for some observations! Regardless, keep on iNatting! :)

Anotado por k_a_christopher hace 7 meses

Aha! I thought it was weird because Chester County is Philly metro area. Didn't realize the county had to actually touch Philadelphia. Thanks for the response!

Anotado por blackhound hace 7 meses

@k_a_christopher Yes, let's get some lichens on the board! I didn't find too many this morning though. Got a few plants, but they do move in the wind, so it was challenging to get in focus shots.

@blackhound Looks like Wilmington has claimed Chester County. We only have counties that share a direct border with Philly.

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace 7 meses

So excited!!!! The rain can't stop us being out this weekend!

Anotado por allisonrhoughton hace 7 meses

@allisonrhoughton Yay! I got a quick morning in at Houston Meadow. I need to figure out where to go next. Where are you iNatting today and tomorrow?

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace 7 meses

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