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14 de mayo de 2022

19 de marzo de 2022

Change in project title

Due to other time constraints, I am changing the name of this project from Candidate for observation of the week to Candidate for observation of the Month.

Thank you for all your input!

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10 de marzo de 2022

Observation of the Month

The OOTW for this week is by Elan Trybuch made in Van Cortland Park, NY, US, on January 22, 2022 at 2:05pm . His iNaturalist ID is elaniobro and the Observation can be seen here:


More about Hypocreales:


Don't forget to follow him at:
iNaturalist: elaniobro
Twitter: elaniobro
Instagram: elaniobro

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14 de febrero de 2022

The Observation of the week

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