How did the Anacostia bioblitz go?

The virtual #Anacostiabioblitz was OUTSTANDING! here are some results:

-1,338 observations
-415 species identified
-88 people made observations
-8 RTE species (rare, threatened or endangered species)
-62 introduced species, including invasive species
-251 plant species
-29 bird species
-7 amphibian species
-5 reptiles
-8 mammals (including dogs and humans!)
-12 fish species
-7 mollusk species
-11 arachnid species
-65 insects
-16 fungi species
-1 protozoan

Thanks so much for participating and for making this citizen science effort a success! But, the fun isn't over yet! we still have the "Biodiversity of the Anacostia River" project! Our challenge is to document the species of the #AnacostiaRiver watershed and use the information for science, conservation, ecological restoration, outdoor recreation and education.

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