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We had a great BioBlitz!

Thank you to all students, team leaders, staff, and volunteers who came out to the BioBlitz this weekend! This was a great experience for our students and we're very excited to integrate this experience into their fall science seminar.

We're still processing a lot of data and we'll keep everyone posted. I've done a first pass at correcting spellings and moving some IDs out of the Descriptions boxes. Team leaders, if any of these observations were from your team, lend us a hand with confirmations!

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On August 29-30, 2015, Macaulay Honors College partnered with Freshkills Park for their third annual BioBlitz. We were so excited to explore this future park on what was formerly the world's largest landfill. Over 400 Macaulay sophomores found 335 different species on the North Mound of Freshkills.

We also collected data on paper data sheets (that's why the numbers above differ from ...más ↓

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