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Tengo más de 20 años de experiencia como Guía de la Naturaleza de Costa Rica y opero la Reserva Natural del Valle del Tapir. Debido a que estoy en la jungla la mayor parte del tiempo, mi cuenta naturalista es administrada por voluntarios a quienes proporciono mis observaciones, por lo que las identificaciones y comentarios no son míos a menos que se indique lo contrario.

I have over 20 years of experience as a Costa Rican Nature Guide and operate Tapir Valley Nature Reserve. Because I am in the jungle most of the time, my Inaturalist Account is managed by volunteers who I provide my observations to, so identifications and comments are not mine unless otherwise stated.

About Us
Tapir Valley Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve located in rural northern Costa Rica. A group of concerned citizens purchased the land over ten years ago with the vision of protecting valuable rainforest habitat for many animals, including the endangered Baird's Tapir. The reserve covers over 220 acres of primary and secondary rainforest and adjoins the Volcano Tenorio National Park.

The reserve is owned and managed by local Bijaguan nature guide Donald Varela Soto and fellow Bijaguan Melvin Rodríguez and their families. Donald and his wife Pip Kelly also own and manage Casitas Tenorio B&B in the village Bijagua about 10 minutes from Tapir Valley Nature Reserve. Entry is restricted and requires advanced reservations, which is what makes Tapir Valley Nature Reserve special.

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