Chiara Catalano

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I graduated in architecture, urban planning and building restoration at the University of Architecture in Siracusa (2000-2008). After 5 years of professional experience in the eco-building sector (2006-2011), I attended the University Master in Natural Engineering and Environmental Recovery at the University of Palermo (2011-2012) where I focused on biodiverse green roofs.
Aiming at bringing ecological knowledge into the designing process and to combat habitat loss and fragmentation due to urbanisation, I started a PhD in technology for sustainability and land restoration (2013-2017) focused on urban green infrastructure.
Currently, I work as a researcher at Zurich University of Applied Science in the Urban Ecosystem Design group. I am fascinated by urban plant dwellers because they can thrive and fight human arrogance and I find inspiring how plants build communities characterising their habitat. Plants cannot speak and move but they give us lessons of perfect slow adaptation; we can observe and study them to plan greener, more resilient and liveable cities.

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