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I am a Film Archivist by trade, but a Naturalist at heart. I took Field Biology at Pasadena City College and obtained certification as a CA Naturalist in December 2019, though I still am not sure what I will do with that certification, beyond just the fun I've had learning more plants and animals, making new friends, being introduced to iNaturalist, etc. I would say I'm pretty decent at identifying Southern California birds, as I've been watching them for 20 years now, and I do know a fair number of California native plants, but my goal is to learn more!

During Covid-19 Lockdown, I set myself the goal of learning the insects in my yard better, by trying to find and ID one new insect or arachnid every day for the first 100 days of Lockdown. This is why you’ll find a flood of these observations from me in Spring 2020. I didn’t realize how much work this would be, or how difficult, but I am indeed learning a lot, and I like the idea of this project helping paint a fuller picture for me of what is really in my yard. My thanks to all who take the time to help the rest of us learn, by being identifiers.

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