Michael Price

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I am the Public Outreach Director for the Brackenridge Recreation Complex (Lavaca-Navidad River Authority) at Lake Texana just outside of Edna, Texas, as well as owner of Wild About Texas, LLC.

Previously I have served as the Executive Director of the Eaton Hill Nature Center & Preserve in Sonora, as the Executive Director of the I-20 Wildlife Preserve in Midland, Texas and as the Director of the San Angelo Nature Center in San Angelo, Texas.

I write a newspaper column titled Wild About Texas that can be seen in nearly 20 Texas newspapers.

I am enamored with the natural world, particularly "herps"; but this fascination has begun to morph into other areas as well, particularly birds and plants.

I am excited to be a curator for the "Herps of Texas" project on I-Naturalist and look forward to assisting and learning from all of the 'citizen scientists' that contribute to the knowledge of this great state of ours!

I am also happy to say that I am the proud father of 6 wonderful children who just so happen to share my enthusiasm for the natural world around them.

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