Gracie McMahon

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Hi! My name is Gracie McMahon and I have been birding for 7 years! I am participating in the ABA Young Birder of the Year Contest. I have been birding in Sanibel FL multiple times, and really enjoy it. I also volunteer at Sand Bluff Bird Observatory, and try to go out there every weekend that they are banding. My favorite songbird has to be the Loggerhead Shrike. I love that they impale their prey on barbed wire! :) I also participate in Science Olympiad, and won state level ornithology! My school also won middle school state Science Olympiad in our division! To me, birding is more that going to look for birds. It is wanting to discover new knowledge. It also unites birders in pursuit of a common goal : to protect our birds which in turn protects our planet! There is no planet B, so we must protect the one we have. I love birding so much, and I never plan to stop!

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